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Chevonne Reynolds
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Anointing Fall on Me

Key of Db

Chorded by: Chevonne


(3)F Eb/ Ab C Eb Ab                      A

(6)Bb F/Ab Db F Ab                       noin

(2)Eb Db/Gb Ab Bb Db, Eb/F       ting

(5)Ab Eb/Gb Ab Bb Db Eb            fall on me


(6)Bb/Ab C Db F                             Let 

(b6)A/G B C Eb                               the

(5)Ab/Gb Bb B Eb                            power of

(1)Db/F Bb B Eb                               the Holy Ghost

(4)Gb F/Ab Bb Db F                         fall

(b7)B/A Db Eb Gb                           on me

(6)Bb/Ab B D F                                 *passing chord*

(2)Eb Bb Db/F Gb Ab Bb Db           Anointing

(5)Ab Db/Gb Ab Bb Db F to E          fall

(1)Db Ab/Eb F Ab Db                        on me

Play these chords to repeat Anointing fall on me at the end of the song

(2)Eb Db/F Gb Ab Bb Db

(7)C/Bb Eb Gb

(3)F Eb/A Db Eb Ab

(6)Bb F Ab/C Db Eb F Ab

Ab, Bb

F Eb/Eb Ab B

Bb/Ab B D F  or  Bb Ab/D Gb Ab Db


Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee because he trusteth in thee.

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