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Just want to praise you

Key of Gb

chorded by: Chevonne

Db/Gb Ab Bb Db (5x's)

*Bb, B, Db(2x)                            I just want to

Gb Db/F Ab Bb Db                    praise you

Db, Gb                                         forever

Gb Db/E Ab B Eb                       and ever

Gb Db/E Ab Bb Eb

B Gb/Ab Bb Db Gb                    and ever

E/D Gb Ab B                               for all

Eb Bb/Db F Gb Ab_G, Ab, A   you've 

Gb C/F Bb D                              done

Db Ab B/Eb Gb Bb Db             for me

F/Db Eb F Ab

Eb/Bb Db Eb Gb

Db/B Db Eb Gb

*repeat for Blessings and glory, and honor, they all belong to you

Gb/F Ab Bb Db                       Thank you Jesus

Bb/Ab Db F

Eb/Bb Db Eb Gb

Db, Eb

Db/Db F Ab                             for ble

Eb/Bb Db Eb Gb                    es

F/Ab Db Eb Ab

C E/Bb Eb Ab                         sing me

B Gb/Db Eb Gb Bb

Eb/Db F Ab Db

Ab Eb/B Db Eb Gb

Gb Db/Gb Bb Db

Db Ab/B Db Eb Gb

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Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee because he trusteth in thee.

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