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Nobody Greater

by Vashawn Mitchell

Key of Gb

chorded by chevonee




Gb (bounce in your LH with every RH chord)/Gb Ab Db

/Db Gb Ab Bb

/Eb E B

/Eb Gb B Eb

/Db Gb Ab Db (stop then go to next chords)

/Eb F Ab Db

/C F Bb

Ab, Bb

/Eb Gb B

/E A B Eb

/Db Gb Ab Bb



E/B E Gb Ab B   I climbed the highest mountain

B/B Db Eb Gb    I looked all around

Gb/Gb Ab Bb Db    couldn't find nobody

*repeat this for rest of verse*

Went down into the deepest valley

Looked all around down there, couldn't find nobody

Ab/B E Gb Ab B     I went across the deep blue sea

E/B, Bb, Gb    Couldn't find one to compare

D/A, Ab, E

Ab/B E Gb Ab B   to your grace, your love, your mercy

B/B Db Eb Gb     Nobody greater,

Gb/Gb Ab Bb Db   Nobody greater than you



Db/Db Eb F Ab   Searched all over

B/B Db Eb Gb    couldn't find nobody

*repeat these two chords for I looked high and low... still couldn't find nobody

Ab, Gb

F/Db Eb F Ab

E, Ab, B (2x), E/E Gb Ab B    Nobody greater,

B, Eb, Gb (2x), B/B Db Eb Gb    Nobody greater no,

Gb/Gb Ab Bb Db (remember to bounce Gb)   Nobody greater than you.

*repeat chorus*


F, Gb, Ab, B, Ab, Bb, B    Nobody can heal....like you can

*repeat for Oh most holy one you are

Eb Bb Db/Gb Bb Db      the great I am

Bb/Db Eb F Ab C        Awesome in all your ways

Eb/Bb Db E G Bb     and mighty is your hand

Bb Ab/Db Eb F Ab C    You are he

Eb Db/E G Bb Eb        who carried out

Ab/B E Gb B      redemptions plan

D/C F Ab

C/Bb Eb G Bb

Bb/Db F Bb    You

Ab/Eb Ab C

Gb/F Ab Bb Db

Eb/Bb Eb F G Bb    are he who carried out

D/C F G A C   redemptions plan

*repeat chorus*

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