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7 ways satan tries to destroy a church

Posted by Chevonne Reynolds on December 30, 2015 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Here are seven ways Satan tries to destroy a church:


1. Church conflict. Satan loves business meetings that get out of hand or when two church members have disagreements inside or outside of church. He loves when church members argue about trivial things, such as colors of the carpet or big things, such as whether to add another service. Worship style or pastoral authority doesn't matter to the evil one. Show him a potential argument and he's willing to stir the fire—and these days he may use social media to do it.


2. Staff or volunteer burnout. Satan loves to burn out a church volunteer, staff member, or pastor. If he can make them feel they are no longer needed, their work is not appreciated, or they no longer have anything to offer—he feels he's winning part of the battle. He loves to spread the lies of discouragement and unworthiness.


3. Rumor spreading. Satan is the stirrer of dissension. He likes to plant little seeds of a juicy story, about someone in the church or community—sometimes even the pastor or staff—and watch them quickly spread. The version, of course, usually grows to a larger portion than reality. Satan likes this too. If you're tempted to repeat something you know you shouldn't, the enemy will make sure you find an opportunity.


4. Busyness. Satan loves to distract churchgoers with a plethora of activity, which produce little results in kingdom-building, but make people feel they've done something. He loves programs, activities, full calendars—if they keep people busy in the church, so they never have time to share the gospel outside the church. And, he has been known to guilt people into staying busy, so they never rest and eventually burnout—then fallout altogether.


5. Lies. Satan attempts to interject what is often called a "half-truth"—just a hint of false doctrine—and then watch it disrupt or divide a body. Of course, we all know half-truth is really just a cleaned up version of a bold-faced lie, but Satan is clever enough to disguise a lie in a way where false teachers gain entry and do damage before being discovered. The enemy also loves to condemn you, convince you you'll never measure up, and remind you all the things you did wrong. He is not afraid to lie about God's grace, His unconditional love, or the Spirit's work in your heart.


6. Scandal. Satan loves when the church makes the news—especially if there's a good, juicy, gossipy headline in the local paper. If it will split, divide or destroy a church body—even better. If it will destroy someone's kingdom calling or work—he'll take it too. He's striving for Christian leaders—he wants to destroy their reputation—the more people thought it was foolproof the better.


7. Marriage and family disruptions. Satan loves to destroy any relationship, but he also goes after key leader's marriages—even the pastor's marriage. He likes to encourage prodigal children—to never return home. He wants to cause families to fight within the church and fight with the church. Satan knows if he can destroy a home, he has a better chance of destroying a church.


Thankfully, there is good news:


"You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world" (1 John 4:4, MEV).


Let's be aware—and stand strong, church.

Recent thoughts

Posted by Chevonne Reynolds on June 27, 2014 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (0)

One thing that I discovered in my life is that God is not always going to deliver you from tough or difficult situations. Sometimes God allows you to go through things to build character and integrity but also to glorify His kingdom. So many times we pray and pray and feel as if God is not hearing our cries but God is allowing you to go through that trial for a reason. What we have to do is just give up trying to get out of the trial and just trust that God is going to take you through it and bring you out better than ever. God brought me through the death of my husband William J. Reynolds Sr. but I thought I was going to surely die...I'm a better woman today because of God. I have a closer relationship with God because I have nobody else I can lean and depend on. So hang on and let God make you what he wants you to be.

Remain blessed

Learn to play Christmas songs!

Posted by Chevonne Reynolds on November 30, 2012 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (0)

How would you like to play all of your favorite Christmas classics like "O Come All Ye Faithful," "Silent Night," "The First Noel," and others... ALL BY EAR?


...And I don't mean simply teaching you chords and sending you on your way to tackle these songs on your own.


I'm talking about teaching you, step-by-step and over-the-shoulder, how to play these songs by ear with the process that has been used to teach literally thousands of musicians around the world. Click here to order! http://www.hearandplay.com/go/?p=a480396&w=ck1



A process that involves:


* Understanding how music works (how chords are formed and how they combine together to create progressions and songs).

* Determining the melody of a song, finding the chords that best support the melody, and adding "extra" chords and fillers to create full-sounding songs.

* Recognizing that chords repeat themselves over and over in songs and being able to identify the patterns in these Christmas classics!

* Having fun while learning pastime carols that can be shared with family, friends, and guests during this holiday season!

...and much more!


"At Last... Finally A Way To Sit Down At The Piano And Easily Play All Your Favorite Christmas Classics In Less Than 3 hours --- Without Sheet Music!" Click here to order! http://www.hearandplay.com/go/?p=a480396&w=ck1

Hand-Clapping Praise Songs In 5 Steps!!

Posted by Chevonne Reynolds on July 12, 2012 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (0)


Dear Gospel Musician,


If you're like me and love those toe-tapping, foot-stomping,

hand-clapping, finger-snapping praise songs you hear in church,

then you're going to love what I just stumbled across.


The folks over at Hear and Play Music just sent me an e-mail

marked "urgent." The e-mail contained information about their

GospelKeys 300 course, which covers "charismatic praise songs."




Looks like they are currently offering a really good deal on

this program along with some limited-time bonuses.


GospelKeys 300 demonstrates everything you need to know, from

"A to Z" to play fast, uptempo praise songs by ear... step by

step and completely over the shoulder.


This means you'll be able play all of your favorite praise

songs by ear in no time and could be on your way to

potentially playing for a charismatic church before you know




Here's what Jermaine Griggs, the author of the course,

actually has to say about it:


With the NEW Gospel Keys 300 you'll...


"Discover THE five parts to a praise song and how to recognize

them with your ear. Knowing them is one thing and recognizing

is another. By the end of the program, you'll NOT only be able

to recognize the different parts of a praise song, BUT you'll

have several options to consider when playing them (we never

play the same thing over and over ... I will teach you several

different ways to play EACH part)."




"Learn what shorter "A-B" songs are and how they differ from

more extended "A-B-C-D" songs. This is something that hundreds

of gospel musicians still don't know. It frustrates me to hear

a musician playing an "A-B-C-D" praise song when they should be

playing an "A-B" praise song. It is very very very important to

know the differences between the two types. Yes, one is an

extension of the other --- but the extensions make ALL THE

DIFFERENCE." You'll learn just what I'm talking about."




"Learn three methods to figure out what type of praise song

is being sung. I will show you, step-by-step, how to classify

different praise songs. You will also learn how to figure out

when a praise song has transitioned from an "A-B" to an

"A-B-C-D" or from an "A-B-C-D" to an "A-B" praise song. These

are priceless techniques, especially if your church sings a

medley of praise songs, one after the other."




You know... I could really go on and on about this DVD, but due

to the lack of space, I'm going to have to send you to the

official editorial page so you can check it out for yourself:


Go to:



...and if you're really serious about taking your piano

playing to the next level and avoiding the most common pitfalls

many musicians fall into, you might want to consider taking

them up on their offer.


Visit: http://www.hearandplay.com/go/?w=300pg&p=a480396



All the best,


Chevonne Reynolds


Matthew 13

Posted by Elder Shawn on December 22, 2011 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Who is your sower? First and foremost JESUS then the local Pastor in the community or someone whom the LORD GOD uses in our life to minister GOD’s salvation of grace, love and mercy to us either by words or character.

What is the seed? The Word of the LORD GOD.

Where is the wayside? All around you, it never gets to you just around you.

Where is the stoney place? The heart that is not being affected by the Word of the LORD GOD.

What is good ground? The heart that is compassionate, forgiving, gently, kind, loving, merciful and repentant; in other word the person who has applied the Word of the LORD GOD to their hearts and will obey what the Word instructs. Who we are and how we are to be.

How does the enemy get us to act nutty just after we left church. Very easy, we sit in service and hear the Word of the LORD GOD but we don’t understand what is either being preached or taught. So what drops on our heart does not enter; this is when we come out of service and say the preacher really spoke a great message today; all we got from this was the emotionalism of the message then a wrench is thrown into our life and we forget what we heard and begin to react to the situation on our own. The next type of person that can have the Word snatched from them is one who heard the Word of the LORD GOD but may not believe that this Word is applicable to themselves and think about who should be in church to have heard this message. Another example is accepting the Word that was heard and you are feeling good and ready to face family and friends. Then you go food shopping after service and the lines are long and you are listening to all the foolish talk; the lines are moving very slow and you lose that good feeling that you once had and you begin to sigh or get irritable. Now the person who has heard that same Word who has allowed the instruction to enter deep into their heart will exhibit the Word in their lives. A heart filled with compassion, forgiveness, gentleness, kindness, love, mercy; a repentant heart. This is the person who has accepted and knows who they are and understand the benefits of being the child of the living GOD and will not allow daily sinful life to upset their day. This is the person who knows how to stand against the enemy because the LORD GOD will fight their battles. This is the person who understands that there are many people who are blinded to the truth of the Word of the LORD GOD and are being manipulated to do evil because they don’t know any better and remember that there was a time when they too were blinded and deaf to the ways of the living GOD. So out of character; it is this persons desire to win the lost by how they treat people and how they speak to people. The children of the living GOD; we are the wheat and those who have not chosen to be on the LORD’s side are the tares/weeds. The farmer told the workers to allow the wheat and weeds grow together and at harvest time they will then be separated and one will be burned and the other kept safe. CHRISTians and non-believers live together and there will be a time when GOD will separate all of HIS children from those who do not believe and they will be burned in the lake of everlasting fire while the children of the living GOD will be at rest.

A mustard seed is the smallest seed yet from this tiny seed produces a huge tree (see picture).

What is leaven? Today we call it yeast and yeast is what expands and ferments dough for transformation. This is what happens to believers of CHRIST JESUS; we begin to grow in the Word of GOD; we are stretched beyond the limits and able to do things that we never thought was possible. We are fermented or in other words changed by the Word of the living GOD to become whom is desired. We need to come to an understanding about the mother of JESUS, before she conceived her baby she had never had sex. During the pregnancy she had never had sex. But after JESUS was born she did have sex with her husband and birthed boys and girls; this is how JESUS got those brothers and sisters. So we need to stop referring to Mary as the Virgin Mary she did not have a sexless marriage with Joseph and she did not leave this earth a virgin. However, this does not mean that she is no longer the Blessed Mother among mothers; she is still all that GOD said she is. But she is not a deity; we are not to worship her or pray to her. She is not our SAVIOR her Son is. Mary had need of HIS salvation just as we do and she received it just as some of did. Ever wonder why JESUS could not do the great works that HE could everywhere else but in HIS own community? It’s very simple; people who know you intimately are the ones who are harder to reach. They have seen you intimately or they know your family intimately. See the accusation was not about JESUS and HIS character but about HIS family. They were actually saying that JESUS is nothing more than the son of a carpenter with little means. So how is it possible that we are to listen to HIM and from where did HE learn these things because we can go to the source? This is just how our friends and family see us. They know us intimately, they have seen us and they have heard us. It takes family and friends far longer to see that we are the real deal than it does a stranger. Because the stranger does not see us trip but family and friends will and then they are ready to point the finger and say “you supposed to be a CHRISTian”. We are going to make mistakes in our walk with the LORD GOD but our mistakes does not take away the fact that we are children of the LORD GOD and that we are saved by HIS grace.

could not insert photo of the spectacular mustard tree.


Matthew 12

Posted by Elder Shawn on December 21, 2011 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (0)

You know tradition / legalism will hurt and kill us. Not all traditions are worth it. When is the Sabbath? It’s on a Saturday. Now many will disagree with me here; but we all must work and we must adhere to the schedule that has been given to us or not work. Some of us have to attend school on Saturday; so I say as long as we work for six days and rest one day of the week this is keeping in line with the Sabbath. I have been following this and if I'm wrong the LORD GOD; the LORD CHRIST JESUS or the Holy Spirit has not corrected me and I’ve been corrected enough to know when I'm being corrected. Can you imagine anyone telling you that because you bent down to pick a carrot due to you being hungry that you are working? This is just what the Pharisees were doing; they cared nothing about the fact that JESUS and HIS disciples were hungry all they saw is that they were plucking heads off of stalks of grain which is considered work and the law said no work on the Sabbath. In other words if you don’t have anything to eat on the Sabbath you just fast that day from food or go to your neighbors maybe they can help you. Imagine having a heart attack or stroke on the Sabbath back then; because of legalism you may just have to die because it was unlawful for the doctor to come and service you or if you took the person to the doctor’s office he still could not do anything until the following day. Way to go Pharisees. I'm so glad that though rebellion is a sin it can be used to our advantage. I consider those who continued to follow JESUS rebels and I consider us today as rebels. We will follow the CHRIST JESUS no matter what others will say or do. It’s so wonderful to know that we gentiles are justified in victory through our following HIM. Can you imagine Pharisees who are supposed to be highly intelligent coming out of their mouths with JESUS doing anything good in the name of their Philistine god? How ridiculous; false gods have never contributed to anything good so why decide to do good with JESUS. Besides false gods can’t think, see, hear, smell, taste, touch or move. Dead can’t help living. But our GOD is alive HE can think, see, hear, smell, taste, touch and move. The LORD GOD will tie the weak up and protect us. False gods are nothing this is why the people who serve them are weak. We are strong and powerful in the LORD CHRIST JESUS. I once taught on forgiveness and said and I stand by this that if we speak evil of the Holy Spirit when we are blinded to the truth and are ignorant due to sin that it is my belief that we have a onetime pass on being forgiven because of our ignorance. I believe that when we accept and come to the LORD CHRIST JESUS; HE will forgive us if we have spoken evil about the Holy Spirit. But I also believe that a person that does this will really have to have a black heart. I have heard people making fun of the Holy Spirit but this was only because of the show that people have put on and claimed that it was HE. So I don’t think that counts; so to play it safe; why not just leave the Holy Spirit out of our conversation if we have nothing good to say regarding HIM. Don’t make fun of HIM or say anything negative at all about HIM. In other words; your mouth is off limits. You know the saying that “the fruit does not fall far from the tree” this is where it came from; JESUS. Here we go again; remember when John used the term “brood of vipers” in other words many serpents; I still say this is their way of cussing someone out. Just as we call someone dog. You know the best time to see the true heart of a person is when the person is angry; does not know what they are talking about when they believe that they do or when they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They will say just what is in their heart and after they have cooled off or no longer under the influence and remember or someone reminds them of what they have said. They will say “I did not mean that; I take that back”. But words cannot be taken back they are out there forever; they have landed true on their mark. And what we say can devastate or encourage another. Our words are all recorded in heaven and when we leave this earth our words will be played back to us and it will be our words that will either justify or condemn us. Think before you speak; never a truer phrase has been spoken. I gotta do this because I want us to stop naming the fish in the story of Jonah. In the book of Jonah and when JESUS speaks about Jonah being in the great fish; neither named the fish; the book of Jonah and JESUS said great which in this term usage mean unusual in size compared to other large fish. The fish which was not named is to let us know that like all fish it is cold-blooded; has gills, fins and scales. It has a spinal column and the body lengthened as the oval. Just as Jonah spent three days and nights in the belly of the great fish; JESUS spent three days and nights in the belly of earth; also most popularly known as hell. Take caution everyone; because at some point and time you had or will have a demon removed from your person. You will know when he has gone but don’t allow him back in because if he can get back in he will not come alone but will bring seven demons more powerful than he is to torment. This torment will be worse on us than what we had experienced before; this is why it is ever so important to remain connected to the Word of the LORD GOD. Read, apply, and live in the Word so we can stand against the tricks of the enemy. Can we honestly call ourselves the brother; sister and mother of JESUS; are we doing HIS will?

Matthew 11

Posted by Elder Shawn on December 20, 2011 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I often wondered why John the Baptizer would send two of his disciples out to question whether or not CHRIST was legit or not. What often made me question this was this fact. John did not send his disciples out to ask JESUS but the CHRIST. JESUS is the person, CHRIST is HIS authority. The only conclusion that I could come up with is that John had been in prison so long that he wanted to make sure that this person who is doing these works actually is the one whom he baptized in the Jordan; that this person really is his MESIAH and that HE really is his cousin. When the disciple asked; it was wonderful to my reading that JESUS did more than just answer him but wanted him to go back as a witness to what he had actually heard and seen by the workings of JESUS CHRIST. It had to have been wonderful for John to hear from his disciple that CHRIST was really on the scene living out the promises made. And what were those promises?

1. Blind see.

2. Lame walk.

3. Leapers cleansed.

4. Deaf hear.

5. Dead are living.

6. Poor in spirit have the gospel.

Then JESUS assured John’s disciple that those who are blessed are those who are not offended because of HIM. Also JESUS exalted John; (Elder Shawn’s paraphrase). John was not double minded/crazy; he did not wear the latest fashions; yet he will live in the palace of the KING. John is far more than a Prophet; this is how little we see of him. Look, John is MY messenger who was to prepare you for ME. Regarding women of the past, present and future who has given birth; there is no one who has risen greater than John the Baptizer. Now I must admit; I don’t completely understand what JESUS was saying to us here. JESUS was born of a woman and in my book there is no one greater than HE. So if we look at it this way; maybe JESUS was giving us an example as to how we are to think more highly of others than we do ourselves. What humility. There have always been wars and these wars have always had one thing in common “faith”. Those that serve a god that is not alive will war against those that serve a living GOD. These wars are no longer a combat of the military but the combat of the soul. Heavenly angels are in constant combat with demonic angels regarding our souls. And we too are in constant combat; we will never please everyone; we will be accepted or rejected. Look at JESUS they said that HE was a glutton and an alcoholic; a friend to all mankind regardless of their position in life. First of all we must remember that JESUS is a Nazarene and it was forbidden that HE cut his hair or consume wine. Secondly, how can we reach people if we don’t go where they are? HE did not go into the dark places, creeping around; what HE did, HE did out in the open for all to see. It’s HIS compassion that transformed the hearts of the tax collectors who were very cruel men who stole from those who had nothing more to give. This is why we have tax refunds today; all year around we have taxes taken out of our wages and at the end of the year we file those taxes and receive a wonderful piece of paper called the refund check. This is the extra money you paid out all year long. When we do one thing and say and think another we will be known by our works. JESUS did; said and thought justification towards all at all times and HIS works spoke volumes. I witness daily many people who know just who to go to when they are in need of help. The church is a place of refuge and we are to help those in need. This is what I have witnessed:

1. People will call a ministry where they know help is provided to get their rent paid.

2. People will flock to a ministry during those seasons when food is passed out so that your family will enjoy a festive time together.

3. People will come and ask for prayer and receive their answer.

The list can go on; but what I want to get across is that within those three that I listed; people will always promise to attend a ministry service, yet will never darken those doors until they are in need again. JESUS is not a pimp nor is HE our personal escort. We need to be careful of what we do because we can fool many people but we cannot ever fool the LORD GOD. JESUS is an open invitation to come back to the LORD GOD through HIM. I believe just as JESUS thanked HIS FATHER while HE was here on earth; HE still thanks HIM while HE is seated at HIS FATHER’s right hand. I am in agreement with JESUS; if we want what the LORD GOD has then we must acknowledge that JESUS has it all because it was the LORD GOD who gave it to HIM. I did not know the LORD JESUS at one time and I will never know as much about HIM as I may want to before going to heaven. The same with the LORD GOD but JESUS knows all about HIM. I am so happy to know that JESUS wanted to show me who the LORD GOD is and I have been ever changed with this knowledge and I am ever changing because of HIS knowledge that HE gives to me. So I too will like to ask anyone who is reading this blog to do what JESUS had once asked for the first time while HE was on earth and what HE has been asking from that day until know. Come to JESUS anyone who is tired, exhausted, drained by life because JESUS will give you rest. Take and tie JESUS around you so that HE will lead and guide us from one place to another because HE does not pull us; HE is gentle and merciful in heart and we will all be rested in our souls because of HIM. JESUS will not push, pull or drag us to do anything we do not want to do but I promise you that when you decide to follow JESUS you will be rested; no more looking over your shoulders; no more running from anything or anyone. (Elders Shawn’s paraphrase of JESUS invitation to join HIM)

Matthew 10

Posted by Elder Shawn on December 20, 2011 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Are you being sent prepared with power or are you just going? When JESUS sent out the twelve disciples HE gave them power. There are far too many people who are in leadership who say that they have been sent by JESUS; yet they have no power. Whenever anyone is sent out to represent anyone; they are given power/authority to do what the person with the reputation is known for. Not only did JESUS provide them with the power that was needed to get the job done; HE also gave explicit instructions that were to be followed.

1. Do not go; do not enter.

2. Go; to specific people.

3. JESUS told them what to say and do.

4. Heal, Cleanse, Raise and Cast.

5. Freely give.

6. Take no money; take only with you what you are wearing; nothing extra for warmth and walk using your own strength not needing to lean or to be supported by something.

7. Find out who has a distinguished character; someone that people look up to.

8. Do not go from house to house; remain the guest of the one who has invited you in.

9. Acknowledge/speak to all who are in the home.

10. Still, tranquil, serenity of the mind and spirit.

11. Get rid of the disappointment, resentment all negative reactions that you experienced down to the dirt on our shoes.

12. Be wise and harmless.

13. Beware / be aware.

14. Flee /run.

15. Do not fear.

16. Speak in the light/ understanding.

17. Proclaim.

18. Do not fear.

19. Fear ME.

20. Do not fear.

21. Confess ME.

Of the twenty-one explicit instructions JESUS gave to the disciples; notice that three times HE said “do not fear”.

Matthew 9

Posted by Elder Shawn on December 16, 2011 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (0)

It is written here that the beginning of controversy began in the ministry of JESUS. Once HE said “your sins are forgiven”. The problems began with HIM being called a blasphemer because the Jews knew that no one had the authority to forgive sins other than the LORD GOD. However, what JESUS is teaching here is that everyday people can forgive sins as well by the authority of the LORD GOD. The LORD GOD is willing always to forgive mankind of their sins; this is the purpose for JESUS coming. But we can hold ourselves and others prisoners when we don’t release the sin that we have done and the sins that others have done to us. Sin can cause major health problems in our lives; stress is a cause of sin and many suffer in their bodies from it. We can forgive what others have done to us and release the healing power that the LORD GOD has made available to HIS children as well as release ourselves from the bondage of having a grudge against others. Notice how the scripture reads that the multitudes marveled; this is another word for being afraid. Because of this fear they glorified GOD but GOD does not want us to serve HIM in fear. In actuality when the Bible uses the word fear as a term to honor GOD; it actually is saying that we should have the highest respect for GOD knowing that HE has the power to destroy us faster than we can kill a bug. But because of HIS love for us HE is very patient with us. GOD is not sitting in heaven ready to bop us on the head when we do wrong; if that was the case many of us would have dropped dead a long time ago. Some CHRISTians have the wrong idea as what it means to be separate from non-believers. We are not to duplicate what the people of the world do or say; we once did that and we got nowhere. We can speak with non-believers, we can socialize with non-believers, and we can remain friends with non-believers. After all not everyone we know will come to JESUS that we were once friends with and not every member of our family will come to JESUS. Are we to stop loving them or are we to sit in judgment of them? Instead of bible beating friends and family; just be genuine in our love for them. We don’t go along with their sin but sometimes it’s their watching us that will convert them to choose JESUS over the lifestyle that is destroying them. CHRIST JESUS desires mercy; this is compassion towards others. We don’t accept the homosexual lifestyle but we don’t hate the homosexual either. I have homosexuals in my family and I love them just as much as members of my family who are not homosexuals. The only difference of a homosexual verses an adulterer or fornicator is that they have chosen to have sex or someone has chosen for them to have sex with the same sex that they are. Sin is sin and there is no measuring rod as to what sin is greater or less. For a CHRISTian it is a sacrifice to love those that we consider to be so far gone that we want nothing to do with them. But this is wrong sinners are unhealthy people and JESUS came to heal the sick. Are you a liar; a thief; a prostitute; a drug addict; alcoholic then you are sick and JESUS is the doctor. Are you argumentative; lazy; rebellious; disrespectful; racist; prideful? The list can go on and on; so we as CHRISTians cannot separate who we will show mercy to; we are to be compassionate to all in the hopes of winning souls back to the LORD GOD through CHRIST JESUS by our actions or by what we say. When JESUS was questioned about fasting all that HE said was that as long as HE was on the earth there was no need to fast because HE was there to give them what was needed; HIMSELF. Now that HE is back in heaven sitting at the right hand of the FATHER. We are to fast because HE is no longer with us on the earth and we are waiting for HIS return. The woman with the issue of blood is very dear to my heart. I don’t know what caused her lasting blood flow; she may have had fibroid tumors; cancer or something that we may not even know exist. But as a woman who had tumors in my womb and knowing how it can sap you of all your strength; how you bloat up because of the size of the tumors; that you hemorrhage daily month after month or two or three weeks out of the month where you are forced to wear diapers because of the flow. Can take its toll on a woman’s life; during this time frame it was not permitted for a woman to be seen in public or to even rest in the same bed with her husband if she was bleeding. This woman who was wealthy had spent all she had seeking medical help and nothing could be done for her. But she heard of the man named JESUS and against all laws went out from her home; pushed her way through the crowd of people; coming to the place where JESUS was traveling and crawling to grab a hold of the hem of JESUS garment. But it did not start there; you see her healing actually began when she made up in her mind that her healing could only come from JESUS; her faith had been activated; so before she left her home; faith was already working to heal her. By the time she touched the hem of JESUS garment; JESUS knew that although HE was being touched from all sides there was one who touched HIM out of pure faith. HE felt the anointing leave HIS body; the anointing travels towards faith be it tiny or humongous. We have to be in a place with JESUS that no matter what others say we know what GOD is able to do. We are not to focus on the circumstance but see things the way they are. Everyone saw the little girl dead but JESUS saw her as asleep; JESUS was made fun of and just put the people out; HE was not afraid; embarrassed or unsure. JESUS knew that HE is life and without saying a word all HE did was touch the child and she woke up. WoW, check this out; two blind men knew that JESUS was from the lineage of David and rightfully called HIM that. When was the last time you were called son of David; did you even know that we are the sons of David? David is King, JESUS is the rightful heir to the throne of David, JESUS is the KING of Kings, and we are a royal priesthood a holy nation. We could not be Royal unless we become heirs to the promise and have the same blood as JESUS. Also notice how JESUS asked the blind men if they believed; now I don’t know if these men were born blind or if they once had sight and lost it. What I do know is that these men wanted to see; they heard that JESUS heals and believed by the testimonies of what people have said regarding the healings JESUS had already done and the fact that HE also raised the dead. Their belief could not be validated by sight. This should give you understanding that we can’t believe everything that we see and we can’t see everything that we believe. Again it was faith that caused the blind to see. I'm a multiple stroke survivor and I had lost my sight; GOD restored my sight to me and I tell you; it is better to see than to look at constant darkness twenty-four, seven. I don’t understand why JESUS often asked people not to reveal that it was HE who provided healing to them. I don’t know if it was reverse psychology or if HE had another reason in mind. But I know that as for me each time the LORD GOD does something for me through the LORD CHRIST JESUS; I can’t help but blab about it; these men went about blabbing also. I heard someone say years ago that people who are mute are demon possessed; it was based on this scripture. But as I read this scripture it reads that the man was “mute and” which means that the man was not only mute he also had a demon possessing him. The English language we speak it but we don’t understand it; this is why I stress that as for books our best friends are to be the Bible, a dictionary and a concordance. Now when JESUS cast the demon out the man did begin to speak which leaves me to believe that it was the demon that was holding back the man’s ability to speak it was not that the man did not have the ability to speak. In other words the demon gagged the man. Is there an illness that mankind has no cure for that you know a person has or that you have? No big deal; because JESUS will heal every sickness and every disease all we have to do is believe and exercise our faith. There are so many people in many countries of many nations who have not heard the Word of the LORD GOD; you have family members and friends who need to have JESUS in their lives but you may not be the laborer who can get the job done. Pray to GOD for anointed laborers to come and speak to your lost family and friends.

Matthew 8

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This is the first recording of JESUS healing anyone of anything. What moved JESUS to heal this leaper? There are three important reasons why JESUS was moved.

1. The leaper worshiped HIM.

2. The leaper respected JESUS by announcing that HE is LORD.

3. The leaper knew that HE was willing.

JESUS then confirmed the faith of the leaper by confirming that HE is willing. It was written in the Old Testaments that leapers once cleaned were to show themselves before the Priest before they could rejoin their families and community. Lev. 14:1-32

A centurion is a Roman military officer who is in charge of a group of one hundred. The centurion is one of authority and he recognized that JESUS is the LORD. It was because of this that JESUS was moved to heal the servant. However, when the centurion expressed to JESUS that HE did not need to actually come to his house because he knew that all JESUS had to do is say for something to happen and it will happen. This was a show of his faith and JESUS confirmed that because of his faith; because he believed in JESUS that the servant will be healed without HIS coming to the home. When JESUS came to Peter’s house and noticed that his mother in-law was sick with fever. JESUS did not say anything; HE simply touched her and she recovered. Notice how after her recovery that Peter’s mother in-law began to serve JESUS and the disciples. We must study the movements of JESUS as well as what HE said in any given situation. JESUS did not pray or hold conversation over those that were brought to HIM in this chapter. HE simple said one word and the demons were cast out of those that were brought to HIM. I like to think that the one word HE spoke was “leave”. Did you know that when JESUS takes on the illness of others HE is not affected? When we take on the sickness of others such as a cold we are affected. Anything that is not like JESUS will be destroyed. When JESUS told the scribe; (which is another way of saying copier or stenographer) that HE had nowhere to rest HIS head. HE did not mean that HE did not have a home. JESUS was constantly on the move like a nomad traveling from place to place bringing about change through forgiveness, grace, love and mercy. Saying let the dead bury the dead is not a literal physical death. HE wanted to make it clear that we are to choose life; following HIM is the pursuit of life. Ever had one of those days when everything is going well and nothing could possible go wrong? Then all of a sudden from every side turmoil erupts. Did you know that even when your life turns upside down; you can still have peace just as JESUS? Years ago there was a deodorant commercial out that said “never let them see you sweat”. We need to show our circumstances that we serve a GOD who is larger than our circumstances. We will not drown; we will proclaim peace in the midst of our storms. Anyone who has life in their body and gets a kick out of being around all things dead has big trouble. This was the case of the two who came out of the tombs which is a place where a corpse would be housed; a cemetery; a mausoleum. These two individuals were demon possessed and demons love being around death. The demons not the men began to speak to JESUS; it was the demons that recognized JESUS and they are aware that there is an appointed time when they will be tormented in the lake of fire. Although the demons tried to hold a conversation with JESUS; JESUS did not respond to them. But when the demons asked to be placed into the pigs; HE said one word “go”. The amazing thing also that I see is that animals will not tolerate being infected with death; they chose to kill themselves than be possessed by demons. People on the other hand the very image of the living GOD entertain demons daily and don’t even know it. Just as those in this chapter begged JESUS to go away after they witnessed what HE did. Today, people are doing the same. We are so comfortable with sin that we would rather live among the dead than to walk among the living.